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Image of a UTAP with CCAs

"What is Autonodyne?"

We are a Boston-based software company. We use our AI and smart software to control one, several, or many unmanned vehicles for civil and defense applications.


We are experts in Manned-Unmanned Teaming. We specialize in Human-Machine Interfaces and Common Control Stations for air-sea-land and multi-vehicle/control operations.  We are datalink, protocol, hardware, and vehicle agnostic.

Examples of Standard Multi-Vehicle Software Capabilities

10-Ship Heterogeneous Group

Summer 2022

200 -Ship SIM

Fall 2023

Spot's Day at Autonodyne

January 2023

15-Ship Homogeneous Group

Summer 2023

50-Ship: 2 Groups of 25 SIM

Spring 2023

250-Ship SIM

Spring 2024

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